BSKMP Logo-Wrapped Truck

BSKMP (Pronounced /base-kamp/), is a community-focused brand that looks to promote adventure, travel, and getting outdoors in order to maintain a healthy mental state and live a more exciting life! Referring to a 'basecamp,' a camp before a long hike up a mountain, BSKMP is built on the saying, "find what awaits," which encourages people to always seek what adventure is awaiting them next, keeping them living a more exciting life!



BSKMP Adventure Picture

The problem we see too often is people living behind their phone screens and not exploring what great things this world and life has to offer. We want to fix this by changing the way people look at adventure. We want people to understand that their adventures don't have to be hiking mountains or traveling the world, adventures are simply acts of boldness and taking risk in search of a rewarding excitement. 



Beginning of BSKMP

  Since starting this brand in December 2019, still being in high school, this brand and community has taken us on a wild adventure that we could have never imagined. We have be able to meet and work with a wide variety of great people who all have amazing adventure stores of their own to share. We look to continue living out our brand message ourselves by shaping this community around the idea of sharing adventures with one another. We began at basekamp, now we are climbing our mountain. 


Three girls on adventure with BSKMP apparel

If you are looking to be apart of our community of adventure seekers, travel enthusiasts, outdoor junkies, or anyone that just seeking more excitement in their lives, join us on our social platforms! You can be apart of our fast-growing community on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Discord, and many more! We look forward to sharing adventures together! 



- The Entire BSKMP Team